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Full Wingeron Demonstrator

I'm the kinda guy who'l usually not leave well enough alone. It started with wing attachment. Rubber bands are great! But I wanted something else. Flat bottom wings slap on nicely but symmetricals don't fit so good. You can cut the wing center section and slot the fuselage and that's good for a rubber band mount as well. I wanted to get away from the rubbers all together. I've got a Four-Star 40 and it's wing has a dowel in the LE and a pair of nylon screws in the back. After a little tinkering I got LawnDart.bat to work out. (Two dowels in the front corners of the bat saddle and one screw in the rear).While in a local hobby store, I saw aluminum tube with a cardboard sleeve (actually phenolic). A-ha! Let's give that a try!. A few sleepless nights later the thought of no ailerons floated through my mind. Oh my! Would that work? I had to try it! While I was at it, what the heck, let's loss the elevator too! I think a fully floating horizontal stabilizer is called a stabilator so let's call her:The Coro-Later! Well I'm happy to report that she flew great! And what a head turner! People can't believe it actually works. Great control, straight rolls, tight loops, slows nice, super speed. What more could you want? (Faster rolls, tighter loops, slower slows etc . . . ) I've got her set up with Flaperons so I can trim incidence angle mid flight. (Or would that be thrust angle?????) Quite too. With the wing tips closed out and no hinge flute to whistle she's really slippery.

Wing Span: 52"
Length: 35"
Weight: 3.5lbs
Engine: OS25FX

I've not yet seen one like this, have you?



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